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MW at Georgia Tech University – 2021

Date to be announced.

MW College Immersion Day at Oglethorpe (Virtual)

Oglethorpe University will host virtual Mentor Walk on Friday, March 5, 2021. More >

MW College Immersion Day at ASC (Virtual)

Agnes Scott College will host virtual Mentor Walk on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. More >

MW College Immersion Day at ASC

Agnes Scott College will host the 9th annual Mentor Walk College Immersion Day, Friday, Nov. 2, 2018.

MW College Immersion Day at ASC

Agnes Scott College will host the 7th annual Mentor Walk College Immersion Day on Friday, October 27, 2017.

Mentor Walk Immersion Day at Agnes Scott College

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Mentor Walk College Immersion Day at Georgia Tech-2017

Mentor Walk College Immersion Day at Georgia Institute of Technology in partnership with Horizon’s Atlanta, CEISMC and C21U.

Horizons Atlanta

Center for 21st Century Universities

Mentor Walk College Immersion Day at Agnes Scott (2016)

Mentor Walk College Immersion Day at Agnes Scott College
Friday, October 28, 2016

About the Mentor Walk



Mentor Walk Program 2014


Mission – To positively impact the drop-out rate by exposing children to opportunities for their future with education.

Students experience college campus and learn about pathways to jobs.  They engage with college students and professionals in fun activities. All students have an opportunity to be inspired by one another and earn meaningful service hours.

The Mentor Walk provides a forum for stimulating conversations, networking for educators, principals, counselors, student clubs, mentoring groups, children’s centers, health organizations, social entrepreneurs and parents.  It encourages student graduation and college attendance.

This walk honors Carolyn Young who has taught in Atlanta Public Schools and has been recognized with several distinctions and awards for her outstanding service in teaching and mentoring.

MW Advisory Board

Mentor Walk Advisory Board

Council, May 2014

Meeting May 15, 2014: President & Mrs. Carter, Becky Blalock, Stephanie Armistead, Elise Eplan, Martha Brooks, Sue Sehgal and Michelle Egan.

March 2, 2013 Meeting

Meeting March 2, 2013: Michelle Egan, Dr. Rolf Bartke, Sue Sehgal, Kathy Sanders, Kashi Sehgal, Dr. Tom Meredith (by phone)

Council of Mentors

Carolyn Young – Former teacher in Atlanta Public Schools, recognized as a “Teacher of Excellence,” graduate of Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University.

Becky Blalock – Former SVP & CIO of Southern Company and VP of Corporate Communication at Georgia Power, attended Harvard Business School, Mercer University, and State University of West Georgia.

Martha Brooks – Former President and COO of Novelis, serves on the board of Harley-Davidson, Bombardier and Jabil Circuit, B.A in Economics and Political Science and M.B.A. in international business from Yale University.

Teresa Cummings-Professional Counselor and community volunteer, BA from Clark College and Masters from Atlanta University.

Elise Eplan – Principal at Eplan Group, former VP of the Arthur Blank Foundation, co-founder of Hands on Atlanta, BA from Brandeis University and MBA from Yale School of Management.

Michelle Egan – Americas Lab Leader at Deloitte, BA from Ohio University and Masters in Public Health from Emory University

Gail Hayes – Former Executive Director, Anne E. Casey Foundation’s Atlanta Civic site, BA University of West Georgia, University of Denver and Masters in Social Work from University of Maryland.

Valerie Hartman  – Independent civic and social organization professional, BA from Dartmouth College and JD from Columbia University.

Mary Terstegge (“Mary T.”) Plant – Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, board member of Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta, graduate of University of California Berkley.

Jackie Rohosky – Assistant Commissioner of Economic Development Programs for QuickStart Technical College System of Georgia, prior to joining TCSG she was with Rockwell International, Masters from Georgia State University.

Kathy Sanders – Partner and Client Managing Director at Accenture in Atlanta, MBA from Texas A&M University.

Gina Simpson – President/CEO of Hands on Atlanta, former Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Human Resources, MA from University of Alabama, MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Stephanie Armistead, Co Founder, Green Business Works. BS, University of Georgia.

Sue Sehgal – Founder & President, Campus Community Partnership Foundation.

Letters of Support

President Jimmy Carter

Senator Johnny Isakson

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle

Ambassador Andrew Young


Commendation – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle

Phoenix Award – Atlanta

Proclamation – Atlanta City Council

Additional value of the Mentor Walk:

  • Provides an opportunity for college students and the community to positively affect a serious problem by inspiring children to finish school and in the process reinforce their own commitment to learning
  • Brings the community together to celebrate education and recognize mentoring- one of the strategies to prevent dropout
  • Celebrate existing mentoring relationships, groups and organizations that support mentoring
  • Provides networking opportunity for educators, social entrepreneurs and organizations that support social responsibility.
  • Advocates healthy life style

“Mentoring” as used in the Mentor Walk:  Please note that the Mentor Walk is designed to “raise awareness” about staying in school.  It promotes mentoring as one of the strategies to help prevent dropout.  Children experience a college campus with college students.   College students engage (as role models) in a conversation about education.  The community comes together to support the children and show that they care about their future.  The experience provides a mental picture for the children and the possibilities that lie ahead when they finish school.

Definitions of Mentoring
The term mentor stems from Greek mythology in which Odysseus entrusted the care and education of his child to a friend named Mentor while the father was away on his adventures and travels. Mentoring has come to be used for a variety of relationships. Some of its synonyms include role model, coach, guide, sponsor, friend, and adviser.

Below is a sampling of definitions from mentoring literature.

  • Mentoring is a lifelong relationship in which a mentor helps a protégé reach her or his God-given potential.
  • Mentoring provides, first, an instrumental or career function (e.g., sponsorship, coaching, corporate culture instruction), and second, an intrinsic or psychosocial function (e.g., serving as a model, a confidant, a friend).
  • Mentoring is a power-free partnership between two individuals who desire mutual growth. One of the individuals usually has greater skills, experiences, and wisdom.
  • Mentoring plays an important role in education,health, social, emotional well being and self sufficiency.
  • A mentor is someone who takes a personal interest in your success at learning and achieving your goals, and is in a position to help you in the process.

Read more: Mentoring in Higher Education
Direction, Vol. 30 No. 1, Spring 2001

Retain science, technology, engineering and math students in school and the White House Science Fair.

Report from the President’s Council of Advisor’s on Science and Technology

Default Rates Worsen Among Dropouts

Degreeless in Debt: What Happens to Borrowers Who Drop Out

Chronicle of Higher Education: the dropout crises and student retention

School-based mentoring is one of the fastest growing forms of mentoring in the US today.

~ Making a Difference in Schools: The Big Brothers Big Sisters School-Based Mentoring Impact Study

For information on college completion rates across the U.S., please read this article from the Lumina Foundation called A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education.

One in three teens fails to graduate with one teen dropping out every 26 seconds.
~ Find out more information on this epidemic here.

Two studies from the Annie E. Casey Foundation website:

National Human Services Assembly: Mentoring as a Family Strengthening Strategy

Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas: A Mentoring and Journaling Program for Girls Ages 6-18

ECS Education Policy Issue Site: Mentoring/Tutoring

Mentoring Programs and Youth Development

The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts

Good education predicts good health. Interventions that have potential to improve school achievement and reduce school dropout rate:

Reframing School Dropout as Public Health Issue
Preventing Chronic Disease, Vol.4 No. 4, October 2007

Win-Win Peer Mentoring and Tutoring Program: A Collaborative Model
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