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College students

Black, Ebony, Agnes Scott College, class of 2014
“Being a part of the Mentor Walk was very rewarding for me. As I actually did this mile walk I looked around me and noticed that at that moment multiple students were looking at me for advice about college. How I wish I had that same experience, since I was just like many of these students from an inner- city school. While there I was even approached by a mother and her very shy daughter, whom asked me to be her daughter friend. Then I realized that many of these students just need someone to talk to and reaffirm to them that college is possible”.

Amen Takele, Agnes Scott College, class of 2014
From the Jazzercise, to the walk, speeches, and field activities, the Mentor Walk was a highly organized, active, fun, and an absolutely remarkable event. I consider the Mentor Walk to be one of those significant life-changing experiences. After hearing the inspiring speeches of perseverance and engaging in the one-on-one talks with remarkable people like Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal, I was inspired to pursuit my education with more diligence.

Volunteering at the Mentor Walk, I only expected to be talking to younger students about the importance of staying in school. Yet, half way through the program I was motivated to see a team full of older and wiser mentors who were willing to guide me and other college students through our college journey. Similarly, I think the children at risk of dropping out benefited from an eventful day with college students.

Personally, I think I benefited from the walk as a mentor and a mentee. The Mentor Walk experience reaffirmed my love for school; as I went on to tell the children whom I was mentoring about the importance of school. It also showed me the willingness of others to help guide me through my college journey. Countless thanks to all who made such a wonderful event take place; I am looking forwards to next year’s Mentor Walk!!

Children and community

Linda Patterson, age 60, graduate of Samuel Howard Archer High School
“I wish I had stayed in school and gone to college so that I could have had a better paying job. Life is hard. Since participating in the Mentor Walk I have been telling my grand children to make sure they finish school. I did not have anyone to counsel me when I was young and I chose sleeping and working instead of attending college. Visiting a campus has created an interest in me to go to a culinary school so I could make more money”.

Jamina Williams, age 10, Grayson Elementary School (4th grade)
“I wish I could stay here mama, can we come back? I want to go to college”

Jamin Coleman, age 9, Grayson Elementary School, Atlanta (3rd grade)
“I loved the walk and the granola bar…I also liked the rooster in the garden (Oakhurst Community Garden). I would like to come back next year”

Geria Broome, age 34, Iverson Institute, Atlanta
“Mentor Walk was a great experience; I only wish the college students approached the children rather than the other way around”

Josiah Coleman, age 3, Kids R Kids School, Atlanta
“I liked lunch.”

Ariana Jones, age 14, McNair High School, Atlanta (9th grade)
“I stay with my grandma and don’t go anywhere and this was nice. I liked food and t-shirt. I want to be a nurse”

Ke’Nosha Swinney, age 13, MCNair Middle School (8th grade)
“I liked the walk and enjoyed talking to the college student. She asked me what my favorite subject was in school. She was nice. I told my friends about it and they want to come next year.”

A college student mentor asked a middle school child “what’s your favorite subject in school” The child responded “history” which opened up the conversation about why she liked school.

One parent approached the organizers and said “this is such a wonderful idea, I had no concept that a college could look so nice…I will talk some more to my child, my niece and nephew about this”

Another parent said “thank you for providing fruit, juice, lunch and T shirts…my kids loved the stretching with music before the walk.”

Marilyn Parker, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing, Speer & Associates, Inc
So many elements combined to make the First Annual Carolyn Young Mentor Walk a resounding success in my opinion. The venue – Agnes Scott College – could not have been more appropriate, and the participation by its President, Dr. Kiss, was outstanding. She was even front and center on the track at the warm-up for the walk! That was a very inspiring sight, as was the presence of dozens of volunteers who were well prepared and so helpful. It was not evident at all that this was the first event of its kind. Hopefully it will be duplicated throughout the country!

The agenda and program created by C2P and the volunteers were so thoughtful, as well as effective: the warm-up led by Jazzercize; the lovely walking route, complete with security; the clever and delicious box lunch; the sample protein drinks provided by Mix1; the opportunity to meet Ambassador Young one-on-one, to hear remarks by Mrs. Carolyn Young and Dr. Sue Sehgal, as well as the C2PF Partnership board member from Chicago, and several dignitaries and elected officials from the state and county governments who expressed their support for education and for the event.

The students were also given an opportunity to provide their views of the experience. The culmination was such a significant occasion for all of those who attended — and particularly for the young students who had the opportunity to interact with college students, educators, and officials who are providing a great impetus for inspiration and increased awareness for mentoring.

Stephanie Armistead, GreenBusiness WORKS (Named to 2011 Notable Georgians by GA Trend Magazine)
I want to congratulate you and your team on the 2011 Mentor Walk. It was hard to believe it was a first year event; it was so well organized and flowed so smoothly. The adorable Students, the campus the talking points for the walkers to use with the students, the music, the warm-up exercises, the course, the gardens, the presentations- all combined made it a spectacular event.

I look forward to participating next year and look forward to supporting you in spreading the word about this amazing event and much needed service for our youth! Thank you for what you are doing and please give my heartfelt congratulations to your team and your volunteers.


Melita Easters, Playwright and producer
The inaugural Mentor Walk at Agnes Scott College was a great success and well worth replicating across the country as the perfect town/gown collaboration. Inviting young children and their parents or guardians to the college campus in their own backyards establishes attending college as an achievable goal worth working towards. Serving as hosts, college students gain a new appreciation for the greater community outside campus boundaries they are a part of during their college years and gives them a taste for the joys of serving as a volunteer and becoming a mentor for a younger student.

The Mentor Walk is a win-win all around.

Marilyn Colarossi-Woods, Northside Hospital
Congratulations for creating and executing such a meaningful event that will most certainly continue to have a powerful effect on children, as well as adults, in all communities. C2P has created a mentoring recruitment strategy that I hope will be replicated throughout the country.

The energy displayed from the parents, guardians, college students, elected officials and community leaders is an inspiration to the children in our communities. Children need not only see the importance of education but feel a valued sense of self. This event was so well orchestrated from the food and fun; to music and presentations; to assembling volunteers and elected officials, and mainly in creating a platform to guide, inspire, and motivate a community toward mentoring. … “It takes a village” Once again, congratulations to The Campus Community Partnership Foundation for being true to its Mission and Objectives. I look forward to the Annual Carolyn Young Mentor Walk for years to come, in communities throughout the country.

Dr. Anuj Gupta, Orthopedic Surgeon, Peachtree Orthopedic Clinic
I attended the mentor walk with a good friend and we had a good experience. The kids looked like they had a really great time. I personally had in depth conversations with two kids. They asked great questions. My impression was that this interaction helped them to look at the world in a slightly different manner. Perhaps this interaction will help to inspire a few of the kids to achieve more in their lives. My constructive criticism of the walk – it would have been great to have more “mingling” time with the kids.

Dr. John White, writer and film maker
Campus Community Partnership Foundation recruited a group of A-list volunteers and sponsors from Atlanta’s corporate, political, civic, and educational communities to host a tremendously meaningful and enjoyable event. Mentor Walk, held in behalf of the city’s young people on the beautiful grounds of Agnes Scott College, was a delightful and inspirational.