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Samantha Jefferson (October 4, 2014):
Participating in the Mentor Walk at Georgia State University as a Student Coach was an awesome experience. I really enjoyed pouring into the high school students and encouraging them to pursue a college education. It was a great event to have been a part of. It truly was an honor.

Trayce Striggles (September 24, 2013):
As an educator it is always heartwarming to witness children learn. The conversations and interactions that took place during the Mentor Walk 2013 will never be forgotten by the attendees. Kashi and her team of volunteers displayed true servant hearts. From the conversations during the walk to the interactions between mentees and mentors during the breakout sessions, each member in attendance received valuable advice. Atlanta is truly blessed to have an organization like Campus Community Partnership Foundation!

Becky Blalock (September 24, 2013):
Mentor Walk gets better every year. What an excellent way to inspire our youth and connect them with with exceptional role models! Andrew Young and Michael Thurmond were excellent in their shared insights and what a great day for a walk on the beautiful Georgia Tech Campus! I can't wait for next years event!

Gail Hayes (September 23, 2013):
Although my time spent at the Mentor Walk was brief, the energy was very high and the students seemed excited.

Paula Bevington (September 22, 2013):
I arrived a little early that sunny morning and had time to wander around a part of the Georgia Tech campus I had not seen before, finding it very appealing--especially that torqued sculpture. Then as the students started to arrive, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them engage with each other. Lots of eager faces. I often think about the importance of somehow maintaining the little child's curiosity. Those teens seemed to have kept that outlook, regarding learning as an adventure. Congratulations to you for this important work.

Neil Shorthouse (September 20, 2013):
Getting children to think college is of inestimable significance. Therefore Mentor Walk is of huge importance. Saturday was lovely. The adult’s session was loaded with big goals - #1 in my mind – and ties to all future success of anything for children – linking parents to Mentor Walk. And the parents needing to be aimed at those who themselves do not feel an attachment to higher or even k-12 learning excellence for their children. Figuring out a way to gain their participation is THE “brass ring” of public education. To me, they are the key. Unfortunately, our whole k12 system for the most part devalues them and generally blames them as being substandard. Huge customer service problem in k12! But were Mentor Walk and CIS and others about to do more with them we’d being doing children, society, the economy and the parents a huge service. Tremendous commitment and a tremendous accomplishment – those two frequently do not go hand-in-hand!

Melissa Lowe (September 16, 2013):
The 2013 Mentor Walk at Georgia Tech was a wonderful success for me, because I gained a new friend that is a junior in high school. She and I connected on so many different subjects and share a love of learning. An early morning walk is a perfect time to get to know someone and learn about their dreams...some they know they have, others they discover as the observe new surroundings and meet new people. I am reminded that I knew about very few jobs and careers when I applied to college; only those that were held by members of my immediate family, neighbors and friends' parents. Listening to conversations during our walk, I was thrilled to hear young students ask about what our jobs are and what we do day to day. Maybe that expanded perspective will inspire future plans and goals. I am hopeful that I will be one more adult in Kayla's life (the one girl I will keep in touch with) and that I will be able to give her some sage advice or just an ear when she needs it. Thanks for hosting this awesome event.

Kirstyn Martin (August 16, 2013):
I am so thankful that I met the organizers of the Mentor Walk in time to get Fulton County Schools students involved in the 2012 event! Not only is the vision very much aligned with the persistence and college and career readiness that the district seeks to support and encourage, but the exposure for our students was invaluable. There were a number of students who had not been on a college campus before, and they were truly intrigued by the aspects of campus life that were on display during the Mentor Walk - from student activities/organizations to the residence hall tour, cafeteria and library visits and the anecdotes shared by the mentors during and after the walk. The students were very impressed with the opportunities mentioned by the mentors, and were able to share some of their own post-secondary aspirations with students who could relate to their interests, even though their backgrounds may have differed. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I received from students and chaperones (and the excitement with which they shared) is a testament to the many benefits of the event. The interaction with 'near peer' mentors made information about college personal and accessible; the walk and campus tours helped our kids to envision being college students; and the presence of local dignitaries and media reminded them of the importance of committing to continuing their education. I was also personally touched by the commitment of the Walk's volunteers to engaging each student in a way that made them feel special and drew them out of their shells, where necessary. Initially I was concerned that the male students would be less interested, because the host site was a women's college, but the male faculty and volunteers from other colleges helped to ensure that they received attention and were not alone. Overall the Mentor Walk was a lot of fun, and accomplished its mission in a grand fashion. I am looking forward to this year's walk and tip my hat to those who have committed time and resources to making this possible for metro Atlanta students!

Ron Johnson, New York City (September 18, 2012):
What an incredible event! While in Atlanta to attend some Georgia Tech Foundation events, I had the opportunity to join in this inspiring event. As I walked along the course, I had a chance to meet and greet some outstanding young folks. Additionally to see great role models like Ambassador and Mrs Young,, Congressman Lewis and Dr. DeMillo from Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott's President Elizabeth Kiss, Chrysa Chin from the NBA, and many others giving of their time to inspire others was the quintessential example of what a mentor should be -- ones who not only talk the talk, but actually walk the walk. Thanks Mrs Young -- great idea; it was inspirational for me.See you next year!

Becky Blalock (September 16, 2012):
This was a truly great experience. Not only to meet and talk with young people about college and educational choices, but to hear from great leaders like Andrew Young and John Lewis. I did not know that John Lewis was the son of a share cropper. He credits much of his success in life to the fact that he was told to read everything he could put his hands on...and he did. It just goes to show you that anything is possible in this country if you try hard enough. I left this event with some new friends and truly inspired by these great leaders.

Stephanie (September 16, 2012):
Kudos on another successful event! i was deeply impressed with all the students and kids who attended. Great job! I also appreciated (and posted) comments on how wonderful Andrew Young's comments were about his mentor, John Lewis.That was a powerful message twosome for the kids to hear. Great mission, Great work!

Melita Easters (September 15, 2012):
The 2012 Mentor Walk began in rousing fashion with The honorable Andrew Young leading participants in a round of a favorite Civil Rights Movement Freedom tune. Young was joined by Congressman John Lewis and Young’s godson Kabir to talk about the importance of mentorship in changing the lives of others and setting goals high. The walk offered hundreds of school children the opportunity to bond with Agnes Scott students and other volunteers. The seeds sown a beautiful fall day are sure to sprout in most interesting ways in the years to come. Melita Easters